Zetoc Survey 2012-2013 Summary.

A questionnaire was included in the Zetoc web site on 01 November 2012 and taken down on 21 December 2012. We would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the survey, we value your feedback.

The tables and charts below present a summary of the survey responses.

Most Valued Zetoc Feature.

Respondents were asked what they valued most about Zetoc. The features considered most valuable were: Alerts (43%); coverage (18%); the ease of use, searching and speed (14%) and data quality (12%).

Most Valued Chart

    Most Valued: All Results   Percentage
Alerts   65   43%
Ease of use, searching, speed   22   14%
Coverage   28   18%
Currency/timeliness   6   4%
Data Quality   18   12%
Convenience   4   3%
General Feedback   9   6%
Total Comments   152  

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Work Sector.

Respondents were asked which sector they worked in. Most respondents were involved in the Higher Education Sector (70%), followed by 8% in Health.

Sector Chart

   Work Sector: All Results  Percentage
Higher Education  143  70%
Further Education  11  5%
Other Education  5  2%
Government  11  5%
Health  17  8%
Other  16  8%
Total  203  

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Respondents were asked in which role do they use Zetoc. 70% of respondents were involved in academic work as students, researchers or lecturing staff. Library staff/information professionals accounted for 26% and Other for 3%.

Role Chart

   Role: All Results  Percentage
Undergraduate student  21  10%
Postgraduate student  62  31%
Lecturer/Professor  22  11%
Academic researcher  38  19%
Library Staff/Information Specialist  53  26%
Other  7  3%
Total  203  

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Subject Area.

Respondents were asked, if they currently work or study in an education establishment to specify their subject area. The greatest number of respondents selected Social Sciences (11%) for their subject area, followed by Education and research methods (8%) and Business and management studies (6%). Many respondents chose more than one option so the figures include every subject area selected for each respondent.

Subject Area Chart

Usage Frequency.

Respondents were asked, on average, how often they use Zetoc.

Usage Frequency Chart

   Usage Frequency: All Results  Percentage
Several times a week  55  27%
Once a week  44  22%
Once or twice a month  49  24%
Less often  30  15%
This is my first use of Zetoc  25  12%
Total  203  

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Ease of use.

Respondents were asked how do they find using Zetoc. 70% of respondents agreed that Zetoc is easy to use.

Ease of use chart

   Ease of use: All Results  Percentage
Very Easy  56  28%
Easy  85  42%
Neither easy or difficult  51  25%
Difficult  10  5%
Very difficult  1  Less than 1%
Not answered  0  0%
Total  203  

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Respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with the statement 'I would recommend Zetoc to others'. 93% of respondents agreed that they would recommend Zetoc to others. No users responded saying they disagreed - the remaining users were either neutral or selected "Not Applicable".

Recommend Zetoc chart

   Recommend: All Results  Percentage
Strongly agree  95  47%
Agree  94  46%
Neither agree or disagree  10  5%
Disagree  0  0%
Strongly disagree  0  0%
Not applicable  4  2%
Total  203  

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Some very positive comments were provided by respondents about the Zetoc service and the features they valued the most. A small selection of the comments can be found below:


In addition to the online survery, users were asked if there would be willing to participate in future survey or interview sessions relationg to Zetoc and/or other Mimas services. Users who would be willing to participate were asked to provide a contact email address.

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