Zetoc Survey 2009-2010 Summary

A questionnaire was included in the Zetoc web site on the 3rd December 2009 and taken down on the 14th January 2010. The tables and charts below present a summary of the responses.

Most Valued Zetoc Feature

Respondents were asked what they valued most about Zetoc. The features considered most valuable were alerts/RSS feeds (23%), coverage (22%) and ease of use, search facilities (21%).

Most Valued Chart

  Most Valued:
All Results
Coverage 69 22%
Ease of use, search facilities 67 21%
Local Holdings 9 3%
Data quality & completeness 17 5%
Reliability, trust 12 4%
Time saving 24 8%
Search speed 3 1%
Alerts/RSS Feeds 78 23%
Currency/Timeliness 21 7%
General Feedback 20 6%
Total Comments 320  

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Work Sector

Respondents were asked which sector they worked in. Most respondents were involved in the Higher or Further Education sector (64%) followed by 22% in the Health sector.

work sector chart

  Work Sector:
All Results
Higher Education 302 59%
Further Education 25 5%
Other Education 10 2%
Health 113 22%
Government 16 3%
Cultural Heritage 2 0%
Not Specified 46 9%
Total 514  

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Work Value

Respondents were asked if they agreed that Zetoc is valuable in carrying out their work. 76% of all respondents agreed that Zetoc is valuable in carrying out their work.

work value chart

  Work Value:
All Results
Strongly agree 196 38%
Agree 196 38%
Neither agree or disagree 113 22%
Disagree 9 2%
Total 514  

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Some very positive comments were provided by respondents about the Zetoc service and the features they valued most. A small selection of the comments can be found below:


In addition to the online survey, the option of participating in a 20 minute interview was also offered. UK academic researchers or lecturers who use Zetoc were encouraged to participate. As a result of this, five semi-structured interviews were conducted with Zetoc users in order to gain a better understanding of the way the service is used in their work.

Further details on the interviews can be found in the Interviews Summary (PDF, 42KB).

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