Zetoc Usage Statistics

Zetoc Search Statistics

These statistics show the number of Web interface or Z39.50 sessions and searches each month by location (based on domain name). For further information on Zetoc Interfaces see: http://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk/interfaces.html

Monthly statistics

Monthly statistics for .ac.uk domains only

Zetoc Alert Statistics

Zetoc Alert Usage statistics are provided for each institution. Clicking on the institutions name displays the top 20 journals requested by that institution. The figures are automatically updated and show the email Alerts issued on a daily basis. If any institution does not wish to make these statistics publicly available, please email Zetoc at help@jisc.ac.uk, to disable this link.

Zetoc Full Record Link Statistics

Statistics covering the use of the links provided on the Zetoc full record page, including:

Full record links, May 2002 onwards