Notes for RefWorks Users

Saving zetoc records to import into RefWorks

To save Zetoc records for import into RefWorks, you need to select the records that you want to save and click on the 'download' option in zetoc. You must then select the format of 'Short Labels' (rather than long labels) before you save your text file to your PC.

Importing a text file of zetoc records into RefWorks

RefWorks includes an import filter for MIMAS. When in RefWorks, select the Import option and then select the import filter called MIMAS. The database selected should automatically change to zetoc. The encoding should be left on ANSI - Latin I.

Browse to your text file and select it so that it is shown in the text box labelled 'Import Data from the following Text File'. Click on the Import button to proceed with the import.

Use of the Data

Please note the Zetoc Terms and Conditions of Use when dowloading citations from RefWorks, specifically sections 2.2 and 2.3.