Notes for Reference Manager Users

The latest version of Reference Manager, version 10 (RefMan 10) can be used to search Zetoc, but unfortunately it is not possible to use older versions of Reference Manager. Both Reference Manager 9 and 10 can be used to import text files. If you are using RefMan 9, you will need to copy the filter into the 'Import' folder, as outlined below.

Connecting to Reference Manager

In order to connect to Zetoc from Reference Manger (RefMan) versions 10 and 11, you need to select 'Z39.50 sites' as your Internet search, and then select Zetoc from the list of hosts. You cannot import records from RefMan 10 but you should be able to import records from RefMan 11. However, you may find that you need to use the Zetoc filter that is supplied below in order to successfully import records. This is in order to ensure that you have the correct format for the imported records.

Earlier versions of RefMan may not work with Zetoc.

If you have RefMan 10 you can follow the instructions below to copy records into your local database. This may not work with older versions of the software.

The default display in Reference Manager is not ideal for Zetoc records, and a further page of information is given (link below) about selecting fields and moving data.

Importing Zetoc records into Reference Manager

In order to import references from Zetoc into a RefMan database, you need to do the following:

1. Copy the filter 'Zetoc.cap' that is provided below into Reference Manager. It needs to be copied into the file called 'BkwrAPI' and also into the file called 'Import'.
2. Create a new database or open an existing database
3. In RefMan go to: References: Internet Search and choose 'Z39.50 sites' from the drop-down box in the search window
4. Click on the small icon below the drop-down box to select a host - this brings up the Internet Hosts dialogue box
5. Click on 'Configure hosts' in the Internet Hosts dialogue box
6. Navigate to Zetoc (mimas), click on this to open the sub-heading Zetoc. Highlight this and click on 'Properties'
7. Change the 'format' to Zetoc. Ensure that the record type is SUTRS. Click OK to confirm and exit.
You can now select Zetoc as the Z39.50 host and proceed with your search.

Filter for Zetoc: Zetoc.cap

Importing a text file of Zetoc records into Reference Manager

1. Save your Zetoc records as a text file, using the 'Download' facility in Zetoc. You must make sure that you save them in the 'Long labels' format
2. Make sure that you have copied the import filter, given at the bottom of this page, into Reference Manager (see above)
3. In Reference Manager, select 'import text file' in the 'References' menu
4. Select the 'zetoc.cap' import filter that you have copied into the Import folder
5. Select the text file that you require and proceed with the import

Selecting fields and moving data in Reference Manager

Some versions of Reference Manager may be set up in such a way that certain fields will not automatically appear, such as ISSN number and publisher (this should not be a problem with version 11). The Zetoc filter adds fields such as this in one of the 'user defined' fields. In some versions of RefMan you can transfer the contents of these fields to the correct fields by moving the contents of the relevant 'user defined' field. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, please go to the page on selecting fields and moving data in Reference Manager.

You may find that where there should be multiple authors, only one author is displayed. You should be able to correct this by changing the database properties under the configuring the host facility from field type 'author' to field type 'generic'.

Use of the Data

Please note the zetoc Terms and Conditions of Use when dowloading citations from Reference Manager, specifically sections 2.2 and 2.3.