zetoc Enhancements Project Final Project Report Summary, February 2004

Start Date: April 2001
End Date: December 2003
Duration: 33 months
Funding Body: JISC, British Library
Programme: JISC 5/99 DNER

Project Objectives

The project centred on zetoc, a service providing access to the British Library’s database of (21 million+) journal articles and conference papers. It was to encompass a current awareness alerting service, a document ordering interface and a reference linking mechanism. The specific objectives were to:

Project results

Users can now always obtain any item shown in zetoc. This can be via document ordering, either directly from the British Library, which offers electronic delivery, or via a tailorable interface to their own library’s document supply facilities. Alternatively, users may also obtain access to many articles and papers via the reference linking features introduced (using OpenURL). This enables institutions to decide what services to offer their users (eg via SFX or LinkFinderPlus). A default online article search was also provided for those institutions without such technology implemented.

Improvements were made to zetoc Alert to allow title keyword and author searches in addition to the familiar ‘Table of Contents’ email alert.

A large indepent evaluation of zetoc was conducted over a period of 18 months and gathered the views of well over 800 users. 75% felt zetoc offered a new service they had not had before - 79% felt the main service zetoc provided was ‘to keep me on top of current developments in my field’. 91% felt they could search the database without any problems and felt it was straight-forward to set up an alert service. The most important benefit being sought was electronic help with current awareness, which the project went some way to providing.

The project met all its All zetoc ‘Join-Up’ milestones delivered to schedule. (It can be searched by Xgrain and ZBLSA and link to both ZBLSA and Docusend.)

The zetoc website and service web interface was made 'accessible' for all users, in accordance with the SENDA legislation, in most places to level ‘AAA’. Also all Web pages from zetoc include Dublin Core metadata.