Notes for ProCite users

Connecting to Zetoc from ProCite and importing Zetoc records

Thompson ResearchSoft, the makers of ProCite, have not provided a configuration file for Zetoc. It is therefore necessary for users to set up ProCite in order to carry out Internet searches. Please note: these instruction have been tested with ProCite version 5.0.3.

In order to import references from Zetoc into a ProCite database, you need to do the following:

1. Copy the configuration file given below, Zetoc.cfg, into the two Procite folders, BkwrApi and Config. You will find these in the main ProCite folder, which is usually located in the Program Files.

Download the ProCite configuration file for Zetoc.

2. Open ProCite and select Tools > Internet Search from the menu

3. Click on Hosts, and an Internet Hosts box appears

4. Click on Configure Hosts

5. Click on the New Hosts button and a Host Properties box appears

6. Add a new host with the following settings:

Host Properties
Host name: zetoc
Domain Name or IP Address:
Port Number: 2121
Library Type: Academic
Location: United Kingdom

7. Click OK, and a Database Properties box appears. Enter the following settings:

Database Properties
Database Name: zetoc
Description: Zetoc database
Record Type: SUTRS
Format: zetoc

8. Enter the following Search Attributes in the three columns of Field Name, Field Type and Use respectively:

NB: This provides the full list of searchable fields, but it is not necessary to enter all these fields. For example, by entering just the 'All Fields' search attribute, the database can be searched just across all fields at once. The order that these search attributes are entered is not important.

All fields; Generic; 1016
Author; Author (Last First M); 1003
Title; Generic; 4
Journal; Generic; 5
Keywords; Generic; 21
ISBS/ISSN; Generic; 1007
Editor; Generic; 1020
Year; Date; 31
Publisher; Generic; 1018
Conference Name; Generic; 3
Year of Conference; Date; 1054
Conference Sponsor; Generic; 1057
Conference Location; Generic; 1067
Record Type; Generic; 1001

Importing Text Files into ProCite

In order to import a text file of Zetoc records into ProCite, you need to do the following:

1. Save your Zetoc records as a text file, using the 'Download' facility in Zetoc. You must make sure that you save them in the 'Long labels' format

2. Make sure that you have copied the configuration file, given above, into the ProCite Config folder

3. In ProCite, select Tools > Import Text File

4. Locate the text file that you have saved and click Open

5. You will see a list of the tagged Zetoc records. Check that the File Type is Tagged and the File Format is Zetoc. You then just need to select a target database. Click the Transfer button and you should get a message that the records have been successfully imported

Use of the Data

Please note the Zetoc Terms and Conditions of Use when dowloading citations from ProCite, specifically sections 2.2 and 2.3.