Zetoc and OpenURL

Zetoc as an OpenURL Source:

We now support SFX and other OpenURL resolver software (e.g. 1Cate, ZPortal, LinkFinder, etc) enabling users to go from the Zetoc full record to the range of services defined by their institution. Users may be able to go straight from theZetoc record to full-text. Libraries just need to supply the Zetoc Helpdesk with the URL for their OpenURL resolver in the normal way.

Zetoc as an OpenURL Target:

We have also developed the code for Zetoc to be an OpenURL Target. The contents of the OpenURL will be turned into aZetoc search and the user will be shown the hit list, just as via the web interface now - you could therefore view Zetoc as a sort of 'Citation Central'. For more information, please see the zetoc website on Open URL Target Access.

Further information on OpenURL's can be found on the National Information Standards Organisation Website.