News: Zetoc Enhancements

4 November 2002

"MIMAS, in collaboration with the British Library and JISC, are delighted to announce some enhancements to the Zetoc Service, described below. They have been introduced in response to feedback from the user community. We intend to introduce further service enhancements in 2003.

Inter-Library Loan Changes

The wording on screens associated with ILL (inter-library loan) has been simplified in line with suggestions received and the following specific changes have also been made:

Please remember that the ILL option allows an institution to tailor what is shown to their users, including library name, institution logo, contact addresses and web links. We encourage you to consider tailoring the Zetoc ILL facility for your institution, if you have not done so already.

Additional Options to Link to Abstracts/Full-text

Unsurprisingly, this was the subject of the most requests, so:

1) zetoc is now an OpenURL Source:

We now support SFX and other OpenURL resolver software (e.g. 1Cate, ZPortal, LinkFinder, etc) enabling users to go from the Zetoc full record to the range of services defined by their institution. Users may well be able to go straight from the Zetoc record to the full-text. Libraries just need to supply the Zetoc Helpdesk with the URL for their OpenURL resolver in the normal way.

We have also developed the code for Zetoc to be an OpenURL Target, with authentication as now. The contents of the OpenURL will be turned into a Zetoc search and the user will be shown the hit list, just as via the web interface now - you could therefore view Zetoc as a sort of 'Citation Central'. This is currently the subject of external testing and will be made live within the month.

2) Default 'worth a try' links have been added:

As not many institutions currently have such resolver services installed, we will also be offering some additional default functionality. We'll be offering a COPAC search and a call to MDL's 'LitLink' (but only for journal article searches from ''), which will provide links to places where an electronic version of the article are available. This won't be able to determine whether or not the user has rights of access or not, but where access is allowed (e.g. an institution subscription is held) the user will be able to access the full text of the article. (Please note that LitLink is currently restricted to '' users via IP checking, but an Athens version is now being worked on.)

The main publishers covered by LitLink are as follows (as of 22nd August 2002), with the number of journals in brackets:
ACS Publications(38), American Institute of Physics(14), Blackwell Synergy(338), Elsevier Science's ScienceDirect(1680), Idealibrary(353), Institute of Physics(via CrossRef)(37), Karger(77), Kluwer(795), Nature(20), Royal Society of Chemistry(via CrossRef)(28),Springer(470), Wiley InterScience(348).

Also the following aggregators, abstracting, and linking services:
Catchword(3233), CrossRef(5409), EBSCO(7416), NCBI(PubMed)(2070), SwetsnetNavigator(5423).

The total number of journals covered by LitLink is over 15,000.

So typically if you are on campus, at an institution subscribing to material provided by the above, you will get access to full-text for a significant number of titles.

'No Frames' version of zetoc Alert

Users now have the choice of using Zetoc Alert with or without frames. This has been implemented to offer choice, but also to adhere to W3C's web accessibility guidelines.

Thanks for all your constructive feedback thus far. We would welcome your comments on any of the above and further suggestions for enhancement."