Zetoc Information

29 Sept 2000

Many people will be aware that MIMAS launched a new free service called Zetoc on Tuesday 26th, providing access to the Britsh Library's electronic table of contents (ETOC) data for UK HE & FE. As expected, we've had no shortage of feedback already and I'd like to pass on to you the following, which may be of interest and correct some misconceptions.

Q: Is alerting available?

A: Zetoc will have a ToC alerting service from Monday October 16th (2000). There will be no limit on the number of alerts people can create. There are no plans (yet) to develop automatic subject/keyword searches, though it is an obvious enhancement.

Zetoc Alert aims to provide the functionality people have lost with the demise of BIDS' Autojournals - which also emailed you ToCs - though Zetoc now offers 20,000 journals titles and the interface is different. The demand for an Autojournals appeared substantial judging by the feedback we received at MIMAS and representations from JIBS.

Q: What is the connection between Zetoc and BL's Inside?

A: Contrary to some people's apparent belief, there is actually no connection between Zetoc and Inside. They are based on the same data but have different target user groups. Zetoc is intended to provide easy and general access to the BL ETOC data (including Z39.50 support). Its development is being funded by BL to March and JISC have agreed to fund until Aug 2003. So it has been developed by people working in the education community for that community.

Inside is, and will continue to be, a BL product aimed at a global market and requiring copyright fee payment for article ordering. (Incidentally, BL's Inside product does have keyword searching - it calls them diary searches.)

Q: Are any developments currently planned?

A: The BL are also funding MIMAS to provide a document ordering facility, though detail is yet to be agreed. Developments here will be aligned with the 'Join-Up' project, though it is not a 5/99 proposal. There is no development funding from JISC on the table as yet, but the data does offer a lot of potential and we intend to put a proposal to JCEI in November.

Any further queries can be addressed to the Zetoc Helpdesk: zetoc@mimas.ac.uk.