News: Zetoc Evaluation

23 January 2003

MIMAS receives feedback from users of Zetoc on a daily basis. Each comment or suggestion is considered carefully. Many of them have been adopted and enhanced or improved the service. As such, Zetoc continues to develop in line with user needs.

As a user of Zetoc, MIMAS values your opinion and is very interested to know what you think of the service. If you would like to provide feedback on your use of the Zetoc service, we have a feedback form available, or please send an email to

We recently undertook a questionnaire, in conjunction with the Department of Human Sciences at Loughborough University, to find out about our users' opinions of the service. We were very pleased to receive over 650 responses from Zetoc users, which will help us to plan future developments.

Note that following initial processing of the evaluation, it was clear that the enhancement people wanted above all else was additional linking from the zetoc record. This was included in the enhancements released in November 2002. Obviously the report is based on the service as it was during Summer 2002.

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