zetoc Alert list transfer facility

Zetoc Alert lists are associated with the Athens username that was used to set them up. However, many institutions provide students and staff with new Athens usernames on an annual basis. If Zetoc users log in with a new Athens username, they will not be able to access lists set up with a previous username. In the past, the Zetoc support staff have transferred lists on request, but now, users can simply log into Zetoc Alert with their new username and transfer their lists across from the old username to the new one.

We have provided a page, available directly from the log into Zetoc Alert link, where users are requested to enter their old Athens username, the name of their list and the list identifier. The identifier, the list name and the Athens username are all provided in each alert email, as well as in the notification emails warning that an alert list is due to expire. We have included an identifier as an additional precaution to ensure that a list is only transferred by a list owner.

Plans to make Litlink available via Athens authentication

Litlink provides an article-resolution service for users who do not have access to an institution-specific resolver. Currently LitLink has details of over 19,000 journals, including those from all the major scientific, technical and medical publishers, and has details of all major aggregators and gateways.

LitLink online journal article resolver is currently available on campus to UK higher and further education users, Research Councils and Irish institutions subscribing to Zetoc. From 12 January 2004 it will be made available via Athens authentication to users off campus. This means that users wishing to access the full text of articles available in Zetoc may be able to do so from any location. Litlink is not available to Zetoc users from the English NHS and NHS Scotland.