Zetoc Interfaces

As well as the Web interface, we provide the following options for machine-to-machine connections.


A protocol enabling search and retrieval from remote databases. As Zetoc is Z39.50 compatible, it can be cross-searched along with other compatible databases, for example by metasearch products. Z39.50 is used by many bibliographic software applications, such as EndNote, Reference Manager and BookWhere, to connect to and search databases such as Zetoc.


There is a Zetoc SRU server.


OpenURL in its simplest form is a means to transmit metadata about a referenced resource and its context within a URL. The OpenURL standard is designed to support mediated linking from information resources (sources, or referrers) to services (targets). A link resolver, or link-server, parses the elements of an OpenURL and provides links to appropriate services. Zetoc acts both as a source, using the bibliographic citation for an article to generate an OpenURL, and it also acts as an OpenURL Link-To Resolver, allowing users, probably applications such as link-resolvers, to set up searches to Zetoc as a target using OpenURL syntax.


Please note: There is no longer a SOAP interface. This follows the recent changes and re-design of the Zetoc database.