Zetoc Help

Online help for using the Zetoc service

About Zetoc

Includes: what the service is, who can access it, ways of connecting, publications

Zetoc FAQ

Includes: what are the Search, Alert and RSS services, how can Zetoc be accessed, how to login, how to search, how to obtain the full text

Search help

Includes: information on types of search and search fields with examples, use of truncation and wildcards, search history

Zetoc Alert help

Includes: accessing Zetoc Alert, creating and building lists, modifying and transferring lists to new usernames

Zetoc RSS help

Includes: about RSS, accessing and setting up RSS feeds of journals in Zetoc

Customising Zetoc

Aimed at Library staff, this is a guide to setting up a link to your OpenURL Resolver and customising the inter-library loan page