*Important Announcement* Following a review of Zetoc and in consultation with the British Library, we have decided to retire the service as of 1 August 2022. We would like to thank all users for your support and loyalty over the years. Please find more information here: "https://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk/news/2022/25jan2022.html"

Zetoc Frequently Asked Questions

What does Zetoc provide?

Information regarding the data contained in Zetoc can be found at: http://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk/about.html#database.

What is Zetoc Search?

Information regarding Zetoc Search can be found at: http://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk/about.html#search.

What is Zetoc Alert?

Information regarding Zetoc Alert can be found at: http://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk/about.html#alert.

What is Zetoc RSS?

Information regarding Zetoc RSS can be found at: http://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk/rss.html.

Who can access Zetoc?

Information regarding who is eligible to access the Zetoc service can be found at: http://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk/about.html#eligibility.

What access options are available for Zetoc?

User access information.

Users can access Zetoc Search and Zetoc Alert by selecting the relevant option from the Zetoc homepage at http://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk. There may also be links from your Institution's library web pages to the service.

The table below outlines the different Zetoc access requirements:

Access Location Zetoc Search Zetoc Alert
On Campus No login required - access by IP address authenticaion. Login using Institutional username and password.
Off Campus Login using Institutional username and password. Login using Institutional username and password.

NOTE: The login required for Zetoc is usually your Institution username and password, this is provided by and managed by your Institution. If you experience any problems with access to the service please email Zetoc Support:help@jisc.ac.uk If you are unable to access the service due to an invalid login account then you would need to contact your Institution, the library at your Institution may be able to advise regarding this.

Institution access information.

On campus access to Zetoc Alert, and off campus access to Zetoc Search and Alert requires a user to login with the username password provided by their Institution.

Zetoc supports authentication via the UK Access Management Federation using either Shibboleth or the OpenAthens to Shibboleth gateway. In order to use Federated Access, an institution must join the UK Access Management Federation and either implement Identity Provider software, or outsource that provision to a third party (e.g. Eduserv using OpenAthens).

Optional Attributes:
Zetoc Alert: AthensPersistentUID - only for those sites coming through the 'OpenAthens-to-Shibboleth Gateway'.

Mandatory Attributes:
Zetoc Search: eduPersonScopedAffilation
Zetoc Alert: eduPersonScopedAffilation, eduPersonTargetedID

WAYFless URL's
It is possible to authenticate to Zetoc using a WAYFless URL. If your Institution requires a WAYFless URL for access to the service please email Zetoc Support: help@jisc.ac.uk and we will be happy to provide this information.

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How do I obtain a login for Zetoc?

The login required for Zetoc is usually your Institution username and password, the library at your Institution may be able to advise regarding this.

On what basis are journals chosen for inclusion in Zetoc?

Zetoc includes over 35,200 research journals, which were originally chosen for inclusion on the basis that they were the most requested research journals. A significant number of journals are added on a monthly basis by the British Library. A list of recently added titles is available.

You can request that a journal is included in Zetoc by forwarding requests to the British Library for their consideration. Please contact the British Library directly to find out more about the selection process, and to request inclusion: British Library Contacts

Please note however that in order for a journal to be included in Zetoc the journal must already be received by the British Library or licensed for use through their Document Supply Services. Checking for inclusion can be made at: British Library Document Supply Services (BL On Demand).

Does Zetoc include foreign language journals?
Foreign language journals are included, representing a range of languages including French, German, Italian, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

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Why do some journals cease being included in Zetoc?

Sometimes the British Library remove the journal if the format changes from hardcopy to CD or online and they don't have agreement with the publishers to use the online version. Also, if the hardcopy serial changes the format of the contents page, i.e. no list of article title, authors, page numbers etc. Journals may also cease to be included if the currency is very poor, i.e. issues have not been received for a couple of years and the publisher has not responded to enquiries.

How do I search Zetoc?

To access Zetoc Search go to the Zetoc homepage and then select the 'Zetoc Search' option located in the white box towards the right hand side of the screen.

The main Search page provides three searching choices:

Can I use Boolean operators in my search?

Information regarding the use of Boolean operators when searching Zetoc can be found at: http://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk/searchhelp.html#boolean.

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Can I use truncation and wildcard characters in my search?

Information regarding the use of truncation and wilcard characters when searching Zetoc can be found at: http://zetoc.jisc.ac.uk/searchhelp.html#truncation.

Can I save Zetoc records into bibliographic software?

Yes, you can save your hit list, or tag select records from your hit list as a text file by using the 'download' button at the top of the screen. You can usually import this text file into a local database, such as EndNote or Reference Manager, but you will need to have the correct import filter for this. Some software includes a filter for Zetoc, and some filters are available to download from the Z39.50 access pages on Zetoc.

Some bibliographic software allows you to make a connection to Zetoc and directly import your results. See the Z39.50 access pages for further information.

Can I view the full text of articles online?

At the right hand side of the Zetoc full record citation, under the heading of 'Full text options', there is a link that may enable you to access the full text. The text of this link will vary depending upon which institution you are from, and you may also see an image, such as an SFX image.

Links to full text are as follows:

Institution Access
Institution with its own link resolver. Links to electronic resources, including full text where available and where your institution subscribes to the journal.
Institution without its own link resolver. Links to: Library Hub Discover, a union catalogue enabling users to locate the journal in major UK research libraries, the British Library, the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales, and Google Scholar

We provide information for institutions to find out more about setting up a link to institutional resolvers.

For Open Access records (identified by the Open Access symbol Open Access Symbol ), the ‘Full text options’ enable all users to read the full text of the article for free, on the publisher site.

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Can I make a document supply request from Zetoc?

No, you cannot make a request directly from Zetoc. We do provide a link on the full record page to facilitate this, and it will either provide a citation that you can print out or it will provide a form for you to fill in and print out. Either way, you will need to take this to your institution's library to make the request.

Before making a request, we would advise that you check the catalogue of your campus library to see whether the journals or conference papers are available in your library. Some journals may be available to you online, so do check your library's web pages for information on electronic journals or resources.

For institutions wishing to customise the ILL page in Zetoc for their users, please see the instructions for customising Zetoc for use in your institution.

Can I buy the full text of articles?

Yes, Zetoc includes an integrated document ordering facility that allows you to order online any article in the database direct from British Library Direct, and pay by credit card. Simply follow the link to Buy now from the British Library at the bottom of the full records in Zetoc. If you have not used the ordering system before, you will be required to register, providing your contact details as well as an email address and a password that you can use for future access.

Delivery options

Current details regarding the delivery options available and pricing are available from the help files on the British Library On Demand website.

This service is run by the British Library, not by Zetoc support. Enquiries or requests for help with British Library Direct ordering should be directed to the British Library:
e-mail: Customer-Services@bl.uk
More information: British Library On Demand help.

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Is Zetoc accessible to people with disabilities?

We make every effort to be accessible. Please see the Zetoc accessibility statement.

What conditions apply to the use of the Zetoc data?

Please see the Zetoc Conditions of Use for further details.

Is there any Zetoc technical documentation available?

We have a page listing the technical documentation, including service data mappings, XML data and Cheshire Prototype data mappings and other interface mappings.

How do I access Zetoc using a remote connection (Z39.50 client)?

Zetoc Search can be accessed via Z39.50, which is a protocol allowing a remote connection to a database. Your institution may use this to set up cross-searching of a number of databases. You can also use it from bibliographic software, such as EndNote and Reference Manager. For information on how to access Zetoc using a Z39.50 client, see the Z39.50 Access page.

How do I access Zetoc as an OpenURL target?

Zetoc can be accessed as an OpenURL Target. For information on how to link directly to a record, or set of records, within Zetoc please see the page on accessing Zetoc as an OpenURL Target.

How do I clear browser cache/and/or cookies?

For information on how to clear cache and/or your cookies from the web browser you are using select the support page for your specific browser:

Windows Browsers

Macintosh® Browsers

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