Notes for EndNote users

Importing records into EndNote Desktop from Zetoc

Zetoc filter download for EndNote

It is possible to search Zetoc via the Web gateway and download records from a search as a plain text file which you can then import into EndNote. To do this you need to use a specific Zetoc filter.

EndNote (version 6 and above) has a Zetoc filter incorporated. If you do not have this in your version, we have developed an EndNote filter - Zetoc filter download for EndNote. You should download the file to the EndNote > Filters folder (usually within the C:\Program Files folder in Windows) and follow the usual EndNote instructions for importing data.

NOTE: when downloading records from Zetoc that you want to import into EndNote you must select the "Short labels" option.

Setting up EndNote Desktop to search Zetoc

Zetoc connection file download for EndNote

A connection file contains all the information necessary to connect to, search and import references from a remote database. An EndNote Connection File for Zetoc is supplied in the latest editions of the software. Navigate to Tools > Connect and select the Zetoc (MIMAS) connection file.

Alternatively, if your version of EndNote Desktop does not have the connection file incorporated this is also available for download - Zetoc connection file download for EndNote.

Please be aware that searching Zetoc via Endnote (desktop) is only possible when accessing from a computer within the IP range of your Institution. This may also be possible off campus if your Institution has a proxy server.

The following settings can be used as a basis to configure your own file if you prefer:

Connection Settings

Server: Jisc
Server address:
Database: Zetoc
Database name: zetoc
Element Set: REF
Port ID: 2121
Record Syntax: SUTRS
Text: Western (Windows-1252)

EndNote Online

EndNote Online users will not be able to run Zetoc searches as EndNote Web is hosted on Clarivate Analytics' server and as such the IP address passed is not the users IP address but Clarivate Analytics'. Therefore, no connection file for searching Zetoc using EndNote Online is available. Searching Zetoc via Endnote (desktop) is only possible when accessing a computer within the IP range of your Instiution.

Search Attributes

Use the following field names and use attributes:

All Fields 1016
Author*AUTH 1003
Article/Paper Title 4
Journal Title 5
Keywords (c) 21
Editor 1021
Publication date*DATE 31
Publisher 1018
Conference Name/Journal Volume Title 3
Year of Conference (c) 1054
Conference Sponsor (c) 1057
Conference Location (c) 1067
Record Type 1001

Those field names with (c) after them only appear in Conference Proceedings, so you would not use them to search for journal articles.

Record Type can be either c for Conference Proceedings or s for Journal Articles and allows you to narrow down your search to just Conferences or Journals. If you do not specify a Record Type in your search, it will search the whole database.


Reference Type: Journal Article

Use the following Tags and Fields:

AU: Author
TI: Title
JT: Journal
PD: Year
IU: VOL Volume; PART Issue
IU: VOL Volume; NUMBER Issue
IU: ISSU Issue
IU: VOL Volume
IU: Notes
PG: Pages
ID: Accession Number

Reference Type: Conference Proceedings

Use the following Tags and Fields:

AU: Author
TI: Title
KW: Keywords
KW: `a`
KW: `e`
KW: `i`
KW: `o`
KW: `u`
CN: Conference Name
CV: Conference Location
CD: Year of Conference; Date
CD: Year of Conference
CS: Notes
CI: Notes
JT: Series Title
PG: Pages
ED: Editor
PB: Publisher; {IGNORE}
PB: Publisher
ID: Accession Number
RT: `c`

Note that the ` ` surrounding some of the fields is an accent grave character, not single quotes. May be found on the same key as the Tilde symbol (near the left hand shift key) on an Apple Macintosh.

Author Parsing

Name order: Last Always Precedes First
Interpret first names as: Smart
Author name separators between authors: Smart
Author name separators last & first names: Smart
Parenthical data in author field: Discard

Continuation lines

Ignore Indents

Default Reference Type

Journal Article

Editor Parsing


Field Editing

Field editing for Title
Change UPPERCASE text to Headline

MARC Records

Deselect Process data file as MARC record

Record layout

Last tag ID:

Source parsing

Journal Article source parsing NONE
Use smart parsing

Use of the Data

Please note the Zetoc Terms and Conditions of Use when dowloading citations from EndNote, specifically sections 2.2 and 2.3.