Notes for BookWhere Users

Setting up Zetoc as a host

To configure the Zetoc server to be searched from BookWhere, it is necessary to create a new host in BookWhere. Go to Options > Settings > Z39.50 Servers and click on 'New Host'. The minimal information required is:

In addition, you can provide a list of the search fields. A search only in the supported fields can reduce the risk of errors. A list of search attributes is given below.

After configuring the host, you need to provide information on the database:

Search Attributes

Use the following field names and use attributes:

All Fields 1016
Author*AUTH 1003
Article/Paper Title 4
Journal Title 5
Keywords (c) 21
Editor 1021
Publication date*DATE 31
Publisher 1018
Conference Name/Journal Volume Title 3
Year of Conference (c) 1054
Conference Sponsor (c) 1057
Conference Location (c) 1067
Record Type 1001

Use of the Data

Please note the zetoc Terms and Conditions of Use when dowloading citations from BookWhere, specifically sections 2.2 and 2.3.