Selecting Fields and Moving Data in Reference Manager

Note: These guidelines are for earlier versions of Reference Manager.

Default Reference Manager Set Up

The default settings for Reference Manager mean that for each item type (Reference Manager calls them 'Reference Types') a pre-selected list of fields will be displayed. This means that if you import Zetoc records into a Reference Manager database, a number of fields from the Zetoc record will not be displayed and others will have inappropriate names. If you wish to display the full number of fields for Zetoc records under the appropriate field label, you will need to edit the fields in Reference Manager.

Setting up fields in Reference Manager

Zetoc records may be either journal articles or conference proceedings. To change the display of fields in your database for either of these 'Reference Types', go into the Reference Manager 'Tools' menu and click on 'Field and Type Edit'. Within the dialog box that appears there is a drop-down menu called 'Field Labels for Type'. This menu includes 'Journal' (you should select this rather than 'Journal (Full)') and also 'Conference Proceedings'.

You will see that the 'Field Label Edit' box lists all the possible fields for each Reference Type. You can select fields that you wish to include by checking the box beside the relevant field (the 'I' column is to include the field, the 'M' column is to make it mandatory).

Press the 'Set Default' button to set the database definition as default

Journal articles: additional fields to display

Publisher; ISSN

Journal articles: fields to rename

Change the name of a field by clicking in the box and typing over the current name. You can use this field editing facility to change the name of any field. You may wish to select other fields and change the names to titles that you prefer.

User Def 1: Volume title
User Def 2: Language
User Def 3: Frequency

Journal articles: display order

You might want to change the order of display of the fields. The default spreads out the fields that have content in them and does not necessarily order the fields in an appropriate way. To re-order, simply highlight a row in the Field Label Edit box and hold the mouse down to move it to your chosen location.

Conference Proceedings: additional fields to display

Periodical (this is the journal title, for conference papers that are published in journals);

Conference Proceedings: fields to rename

Rename the User Def fields as given for journal articles (above)
User Def 4: Conference Name

Conference Proceedings: display order

As with journal articles, you might want to change the order of the fields (see above).


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