Date of news item: 05 September 2013.

*New* Zetoc video added – Accessing Full Text Options when using Zetoc.

We've added a new screencast video to the Zetoc collection: Linking to Full Text Options when using Zetoc. This video demonstrates how to locate the 3 full text linking options in Zetoc and provides an overview of the options available. Whilst focusing on access to the full text via an Institution's Open URL Resolver, it also includes details of how Zetoc facilitates requesting a copy from an Institutions ILL department and how to purchase directly from the British Library. This video can be viewed directly at:

The full collection of screencast videos presently available can be found and linked to at: Available videos include: An Introduction to Zetoc, Zetoc Search, Zetoc Alerts, and Zetoc RSS. Other videos are also available and we hope you find these a valuable resource for sharing with staff and students.

Please let us know what you think of the videos so far. If there's anything you've always wanted to see demonstrated onscreen with Zetoc, please let us know - we'll incorporate it into future videos!

If you have any suggestions for how the service could be improved, or wish to give us your view on the new Zetoc Screencast videos, please use the feedback form at: or contact Zetoc Support at:

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