Zetoc Service - notice regarding NHS England access

Date of news item: 07 March 2012.

You may be aware that NHS England have announced that their access to the Zetoc service will end on the 31st March.

Message on NHS Evidence web site at: https://www.evidence.nhs.uk/nhs-evidence-content/journals-and-databases:

"Regrettably access to Zetoc will cease on the 31st March 2012 due to a change in the terms and conditions for access to Zetoc which the NHS cannot comply with. NHS Athens users will lose access to Zetoc from 1st April 2012 onwards."

If you have any questions regarding the termination of contract please contact NHS Evidence directly at: contactus@evidence.nhs.uk.

Following the termination of contract at the end of March 2012, access will be unavailable to search the Zetoc service and all emailed Zetoc Alerts set up for NHS England will stop.

It may be possible for continuation of access if your institution uses authentication via UK Access Management Federation membership.

Zetoc normal 'Terms and Conditions' continue to apply: http://zetoc.mimas.ac.uk/conditions.html.

You can check to see if your institution is listed on the UK Access Management Federation current members list at: http://www.ukfederation.org.uk/content/Documents/MemberList.

If you are listed as a member institution and haven't enquired previously, please contact the Zetoc helpdesk at zetoc@mimas.ac.uk for further advice.