Mimas Zetoc Service - Did you know?

Date of news item: 03 February 2012.

You may know that Zetoc is the world’s most comprehensive research databases, giving you access to over 28,000 journals, 45 million article citations and conference papers through the British Library’s electronic table of contents.

However did you know where to find the Zetoc Journal List? It's at:

If you are wanting to check for new Journals to enable new Zetoc Alerts, the list can be found at:

You can also find the top twenty 'Zetoc Alert' Journals requested at:

Over 10,000 Zetoc email Alerts are sent out every day, as new data is loaded.

If you wish you can also set up RSS feeds. The list for setting up Zetoc RSS feeds can be found at:

We hope these links prove useful, and if you want to send us feedback or have questions about the Zetoc service, our feedback form is at at:

Or simply email Mimas Zetoc Support at: zetoc@mimas.ac.uk, we will be happy to help.