Zetoc User Satisfaction Survey 2011-12

Date of news item: 28 November 2011.

Please be advised that we are presently conducting a survey for the Mimas Zetoc Service. The survey is presented when you first visit the service home page at: http://zetoc.mimas.ac.uk/

It would be really appreciated if you are able to take a few minutes of your valuable time to provide feedback on the service we provide at Mimas.

You may of course forward any feedback or comments you may have regarding the service at any time to the Zetoc helpdesk at: zetoc@mimas.ac.uk.

All Mimas Zetoc service news is announced on the Zetoc mailing list mimas-zetoc@jiscmail.ac.uk hosted at: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/