New Enhanced version of Zetoc - Release date: Tuesday 15 November.

Date of news item: 27 October 2011.

Following the announcement of the beta version of Zetoc at:

We would like to let you know that the new enhanced Zetoc service is expected to replace the current version at: on Tuesday 15 November.

At this time full functionality will be available and the Zetoc Alerts lists will be automatically transferred without the need for any update by the owner of the Zetoc Alert list(s). They will be processed as normal from that date.

*Please note* that in order to manage the Zetoc Alerts during the transfer of the service that access to Zetoc Alerts will be frozen from Monday 14 November until the transfer is complete on the 15 November. This will not affect the sending out of the Alerts as normal during this period.

Thank you to those of you that sent us your feedback on the beta version we do appreciate your responses. If you haven't had time yet to take a look at the beta version (we know it's a busy time of year!) you still have time to send us your feedback, contact the Zetoc helpdesk at

The Zetoc service beta version home page is at: