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Welcome to Zetoc. We are one of the world’s most comprehensive research databases, giving you access to over 35,200 journals and more than 58 million article citations and conference papers through the British Library’s electronic table of contents.

Keeping pace with your peers, staying up to date with new research, and expanding your field of knowledge has never been so simple. We make it easy for you to set-up personalised email Zetoc Alerts or RSS feeds to track the latest articles or journal titles related to your interests. In most cases, you can access abstracts or the full text of articles, depending on your institution’s subscription arrangements.

Our Jisc service is free for members of Jisc-sponsored UK higher and further education institutions, research councils. Among our subscribers are NHS organisations in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and a number of other institutions are also eligible to subscribe.

Zetoc Alert – Access

Set up, modify, renew and delete email alerts

Search for citations of journal articles and conference proceedings

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Set up RSS feeds for journals

If you use Zetoc or Zetoc Alerts you are agreeing to be bound by the Conditions of Use.

Zetoc User Satisfaction Survey 2019

We are presently conducting an online survey for the Jisc 'Zetoc' service. It would be really appreciated if you are able to take a few minutes of your time to provide feedback on the Zetoc service we provide and support at Jisc.

The survey is available online at: https://jisc.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/zetoc-user-survey

You can join the Zetoc mailing list where all future Zetoc news and information/updates regarding the service will be posted: zetoc@jiscmail.ac.uk


“It's great to wake up to the latest publications in your inbox!”

Zetoc Survey feedback

“Relevant content is delivered directly to my email and there are direct links to the abstracts and full papers.”

Zetoc Survey feedback

“INCREDIBLE service, can't recommend enough”

Zetoc Survey feedback

"Apropos of nothing, the best PhD tip I ever received was to sign up for Zetoc alerts for new journal articles."

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Need Help?

If you experience any problems with the service please contact the Zetoc helpdesk at help@jisc.ac.uk

Additionally we would welcome any feedback on how the Zetoc service can be improved.

Future enhancements will be announced on the Zetoc mailing list zetoc@jiscmail.ac.uk

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